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Hey guys. I'm SO sorry I haven't been on here. With Christmas near my job has gave me more hours to work and most of time I'm too tired to do anything. Plus things going on in the real world.

I want you to know I haven't forgot about my stories. Pain is still being worked on along with the other stories. I feel bad that I haven't updated but please understand that around Christmas time it gets a bit hectic.

I hope ya'll understand will be here to see my stories. Thank you!:hug:

~*~Peace Out~*~:icononioncleanplz:

Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!:santa:


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I'm just another tomboy. I love video games playing on the internet and reading a LOT!
I write stories as well. I make my own motions even though they ain't that great lol but it's fun to us MMD.
Dnt leave any mean comments cause I dnt want to start drama for nothing.
Ya'll take care! :wave:

Favourite style of art: Fan-art
Favourite cartoon character: Android 18
Personal Quote: "Better safe then sorry"…<--YouTube account

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Ch.26: A Leason learnd; Awake at Last:

Raph, Donnie, and a few of his men are with him in an abandon building waiting on Kento. Raph told him to come alone and if he comes with anyone they'll kill Jasmine. Raph doesn't want to kill but he'll do anything to get what he wanted and get his reveange agasint Shredder.

Jasmine has brusies all over her face and body, some burn marks, and is bleeding a bit but not enough to kill her. She's whimpering a bit in pain but everyone igonores her as they wait.

"Kento has 5 more minutes...if he ain't here after that...put her down and send her to him." Raph said in a cold voice that made Jasmine shake in fear.

"P-P-Please Raphie I-"

Jasmine got cut off when Raph slapped her. She yelled in pain from her other brusies on her cheek.

"Don't ya dare call me that ya bitch. There's only one person allowed ta call me that and it sure as hell isn't you! He's in a COMA THANKS TA YER STUPID ASS!!" Raph yelled which made Jasmine whimper in fear.

Raph turned around to watch the front door for Kento. He's already angry enough.

"I-I-I'm s-s-sorry...I-I-If y-you l-let me g-go...I w-won't bother y-y-you or L-Leo a-again." Jasmine said in fear and despration.

"I could care less about yer aplogizie! Ya just better pray yer man get's here soon cause he has 4 minutes left." Raph said in a cold voice not looking at Jasmine at all.

Jasmine began shaking in fear, closed her eyes and began to cry a little bit.

The door cracked opend and two RayGunz dragged Kento toward Raph and pushed him to the ground near his feet.

Kento grined his teeth in anger and pain. Raph can tell his men gave him a few brusies before they brought him to him.

"Well Kento, we didn't think ya were ever gonna make it. Ya had us worried fer a bit. Jasmine is just itching ta see ya." Raph said with a smirk on his face that made all his team laugh.

Kento looked up at Raph and Raph moved his head to left to indicate where Jasmine is.

Kento looked to his right and saw Jasmine black and blue head to toe. She's tied up and she gave him a little smile but it was a painful smile.

Kento growled in anger and tried punching Raph but he grabbed his fist and moved Kento's arm behind his back and tighten it which made Kento groan in pain.

"I suggest ya play nice. I could of done a lot wrose. At least I didn't get one of my guys ta run her over with a car." Raph said in an angry tight voice that made Kento stop struggling.

Raph let him go which almost made Kento fall but he caught himself as he turned around rubbing his sore right arm.

"Do ya have what I want. If I find any funny business going and Jasmine are in deep shit...ya get me." Raph said making sure he understood him.

Kento nodded with a fear look in his eyes. Raph could tell he hasn't told anyone but he has to let him know he means business.

Kento hands over the suitcase of the items Raphael's been wanting.

Raph takes the suitcase and sits it on the table and opened it. In the suitcase contains all the secrets on The Foot Gang. Everyone believes Oroku Saki is a good man but with this Raph's gonna destory Oroku's image.

"Good job Kento. I was begin' ta think ya didn't bring me what I wanted." Raph said with a smirk as he put some of the papers back into the suitcase while looking at Kento.

"I-I ain't stupid Ray a-annd I wasn't about to let you kill Jasmine." Kento said trying his best not to stutter which made Raph and his men laugh.

"Yeah, but ya were stupid when ya attacked Leo...Bad move on ya there. So...I think this is the only time ya been smart." Raph said with a smirk and cocky voice that made Kento angry and Raph's men laugh.

"I already know that Ray! I screwed up! Like I promised...Jasmine and I will leave, we won't tell no one." Kento said looking at Raph with a serious voice.

"Pfft. Yeah ya sure did. Get'cher woman and go. But if I find out yer back here...I'll finish both ya off...ya get me Oroku?" Raph asked in a menacing look that could make any man scared.

"Y-Y-Yeah Ray...I gotch'a. We won't be back." Kento said in a scared voice.

Raph looked at his men and gave them a signal to untie Jasmine. They nodded to their boss and made their way to Jasmine and untied her.

Jasmine fell to the grond not having the streangth to stand up. Kento was by her side the seconded she fell. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and helped her up. Jasmine kept her head down fearing Raph or his men will hurt her again. She's learned her leasson. She's never messing wtih Raph and Leo ever again.

"Take a flight outta New York...and don't ever let me see ya two ever again. Now leave before I change my mind." Raph said in anger that made everyone shiver in fear.

"Y-Yeah...Ya got it Ray...W-We're leaving." Kento said in fear as he helped Jasmine leave the building.

"Max, Johnny...I want ya two ta follow them. Make sure they head my warning if not ya know what ta do." Raph said as he looked at the two with a firm look.

"Ya got it boss." Johnny said as he and Max walked out of the building to follow them.

"Rocko I want ya ta make copies of these documents and send them out ta every news caster. They'll be thrilled ta hear about tha famous Oroku Saki, care giver ta all." Raph said with a smirk that had all his men laughing.

"It'll be a pleasure boss." Rocko said as he took the documents.

"Aight everyone time ta head out. If ya need me...ya know where ta find me." Raph said as he walked out of the building. He wants to be with Leo.

*With Leo*

'It's dark...Why is it so dark? I hate darkness...makes me nervous...' Leo thought looking around him but only seeing darkness. Ever since he lost his mother he doesn't like being around the dark...makes him think about his mother.

Leo groan's in pain and opens his eyes but had to close them quickly because it was too bright. He slowly opens them again to look at a white cileiling. Where in the world was he? The last thing he remebered was leaving the cementary with April...then a...a CAR!!

"APRIL!!!" Leo yelled and sat up so quickly that he fell back down on his back wincing in pain.

"Babe calm down!" Raph yelled in fear after he saw Leo raise up so quickly. That was the seconded time he's been scared and frankly he does not like it one bit.

"R-Raph..? Groan...W-What happened?! I-Is April okay? Did I get h-her out of the way?!" Leo asked in a panic voice that made Raph upset. He hated seeing Leo like this.

Raph rubbed Leo's face to calm him down. Leo calm down a little but he still showed signs of worry.

"Babe calm down. April is perfectly fine. Ya saved her from being hurt. She only got a few scratches on her that's it. Nothing life threating. So calm down. Ya need ta relax. Yer still pretty hurt." Raph said as he grabbed Leo's hand to give it a firm squeeze.

"Sigh...Thank goodness she's alright...That everyone is alright. How are you Raph? You seem to have some bags underneath your eyes." Leo said in a worried voice as he lifted his free hand to rub Raph's cheek.

Raph gave him a small smile and kissed the hand he's holding.

"Ya don't worry yer pretty head over me Leo. Ya focus on yerself right now. I'll be just fine." Raph said with a small smile on his face that made Leo smile a little bit.

"Okay Raphie...By the long have I been here?" Leo asked looking around the room. He see's some flowers and a stuffed teddy bear on his bedside table.

"Ya been in a coma for 3 weeks babe almost 4. I'm so glad ta see yer beautiful eyes again." Raph said with a sincere smile that made Leo blush and give him a shy smile.

"Wow...It's hard to believe I was in a coma for almost 4 weeks. Feel's like it's been only be a days sleep." Leo said wipping his eyes. He still feel's sleeping even after sleeping 4 weeks.

"Heh. I bet babe. Ya had all of us worried. I'm just so happy ta see ya awake." Raph said as he hovered over Leo and gave him a chaste kiss that made Leo blush. It feels like forever since they kissed.

They broke apart to look at each other showing love in their eyes.

"I missed ya so much Leo. I thought you were never gonna wake up." Raph said in a sad voice that made Leo sad.

"I'm sorry Raphie...I heard all your voice. Everyone's voice. Your voice helped me through the darkness. Thank you." Leo said teary up a bit.

"No prob. Ya helped me out when ya squeezed my hand letting me know yer alright. Even in a coma ya were helpin' me." Raph said with a smile as he crassed Leo's face.

"Well someone has to keep an eye on Raphie." Leo said with a small smile on his face.

"Hehe. Ya right. Let me get everyone so they can see ya. I'll be right back babe." Raph said with a smile as he kissed Leo's forehead and headed for the door to tell everyone the good news about Leo.
TMNT Pain Ch.26
Here ya'll go! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been VERY busy with real life, and all that jazz. I hope ya'll can forgive me for taking a while. I hope ya'll like this chapter. Take care! :D

Ch.27:Not yet

TMNT(c) Nick
Pain(c) DragonBallZFan101

~*~Peace Out~*~:icononioncleanplz:

P.S. I autally made a video on YouTube. If ya'll want to see it here ya go. Be warned it ain't that great but I hope ya'll like either way. :D
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Ch. 24 Anger; Finding the Weakness:

*Warning! Bad Language! Read at your own risk!*

It's been about 3 weeks since Leo's been put into the hospital. He can hear everyone but he hasn't woke up yet. Raph has barely left the hospital. He mostly stays in Leo's room and talk to him about everything to get his mind to be at peace.

The RayGunz have kept a close eye on Oroku Kento for the 3 weeks they found out he was the one that attacked Leo. They haven't been spotted once while follwing him. Kento is a horriable ninja, and his bodygaurds were undercover RayGunz. Donnie came up with the idea and thanks to him they know where he's most hang outs are, his friends, and his weakness. His weakness is a girl named Jasmine Willams, Raph's ex-girlfriend.

'Now I have to tell Raph that he's ex-girlfriend, Jasmine, is Kento's weakness. I don't know if he'll be happy or pissed.' Donnie thought as he walked down the hallway toward Leo's room. Leo's gurads nodded to Donnie and let him go on in.

Donnie see's Raph holding Leo's hand talking to him with a little smile but you can tell it's forced. Raph is in pain. He's never seen he's brother like this. He hopes he'll be happy with the new information on Kento.

"Hey Raph." Donnie said as he walked up to Leo's bed.

Raph looked up at Donnie with a serious look on his face. Donnie knew what he meant by giving him that look and he nodded to Raph. Raph's eyes hardened and turned back to Leo to rub his cheek.

"Baby, I gotta head out fer a bit. I'll be back as soon as I can. Ya just rest. I love ya." Raph said as he leaned over to kiss Leo's head.

Leo squeezed Raph's hand letting him know he's heard him. Raph just smiled and squeezed back. He removed his hand and left the room with Donnie behind him.

Raph turned to the guards watching over Leo's room and gave them a serious look that made their hair stand up.

"Ya two keep an eye on Leo. Ya don't let no scumbag Foot in that room ya hear?! When a nurse or a doctor come ta check up on him make sure they're the real deal. If I find out that ya two let a scumbag in...I'LL HAVE YER HEADS!!!" Raph yelled making the two guards jump out of their skins and nodded to their boss.

"Y-Y-Ya got it boss! W-W-We'll p-p-protect Mr. Leo with o-o-our lives!!!" One of the gurads said in a shaken voice. The other guard nodded with him.

"Good. Let's go Donnie." Raph said turning away from the two and began making his way to the roof.

Raph and Donnie made no conferstion what so ever. Donnie was trying his best not to shake in fear. He can feel the anger radiating off of him. Donnie took a deep breath as they got to the roof.

Raph turned around and looked at Donnie. Donnie swollawed a lump in his throat.

"Talk. Tell what ya found out 'bout this asshole." Raph said as he crossed his arms leaning agasit the wall.

"Y-Yes sir. Ahem! Our undercover RayGunz men that are guarding Kento gave us the locations that he frequatly goes to so we know his favorite places. We even found out about where he lives as well." Donnie said getting mentally perpared for what his about to tell Raph.

"Good. Now tell me what I really want to know...What's the bastards weakness...Tell me now..!" Raph said growling a bit which made Donnie shiver. He's never seen his brother this angry,

"Ahem...Now Raph...When I tell you who it is...I'll need you to keep calm." Donnie said carefully.

Raph's eyes narrowed at his brother which made Donnie cringed.

"Who the fuck do ya think ya are?! IS THE LOVE OF YER LIFE IN A FUCKIN' COMA?!? DON'T YA DARE TELL ME TA KEEP CALM!!! NOW TELL ME NOW BEFORE I COMPLETLEY LOSE IT!!!!!!" Raph yelled making Donnie cringed.

"Y-Y-Yes! Sigh...He's weakness he's girlfriend...Jasmine Willams...your ex-girlfriend..." Donnie said carfully.

Raph's eyes went wide, he gritted his teeth, and tighted his hands. He stayed in that postion for a while and stopped and gave off an evil smirk that made Donnie's heart nearly stopped out of fear.

"Hehe...So my bitch of an ex found herslef another gang man huh? And in that process she got Leo hurt." Raph said as he uncrossed his arms and moved off from the wall and just stood there for a few mintues then punched the wall so hard it cracked.

"RAPH!!" Donnie yelled as he ran over to Raph to check out his hand. He sighed in relief when he found out it's not broken.

"Raph! Breaking your hand isn't gonna help! I know you're upset but you're gonna have to stay calm!" Donnie said with a stern yet affection voice.

Raph took a shaken breath to calm himself down and looked at his brother and gave him a small smile.

"Thanks bro. Sorry fer yellin' at'cha. Been on edge lately." Raph said as he put his hand on Donnie's shoulder. Donnie nodded with a smile.

"I understand Raph. Now...what's your plan?" Donnie asked getting serious. Raph got serious as well.

"Yeah. I want'cha to get some of our boys ta keep an eye on Jasmine and whenever she's alone, I want our boys to grab her and take her to our hideout. Then we'll let Kento know we have her..then we strike." Raph said with an evil smirk that made Donnie cringe. Kento should of NEVER messed with Leo. He almost felt bad for him...almost.

"You got it Raph. I'll go call the boys right now." Donnie said as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and made the call walking in another direction.

Raph went to the railing to look below. Raph can't to make Kento pay for what he did to Leo.

"Paybacks a bitch. To bad fer ya Kento. Ya messed with the wrong turtle." Raph said with a smirk on his face.


*With Jasmine*

"Ugh! These clothes are SO last year! HEY! Foot guard!" Jasmine said in anger making the guard turn her way. He's covered in black with a red headband, and wearing a mask to concel his face.

"Yes Ms.Willams?" The guard asked with a bored voice which Jasmine seems to take no notice of or doesn't care one.

"I THOUGHT I told you to take me to a shop with some of the best clothes. This isn't it at all!! Are you stupid or what?! If you don't do good job next time I'll have Kento on your ass! You hear me?!!" Jasmine yelled in anger which made the guard roll his eyes behind his mask.

"Yes Ms. Willams. Where would you like to go?" The guard asked still bored. He's tired of messing with her.

Jasmine flipped her black hair with a hmmphed which made the guard's eye twicth. He can't wait till this over and done with.

"Since you're too stupid to pick out a decent store I will. Now hurry the hell up. I don't want to stay in this second rate store." Jasmine said with her nose in the air walking out of the store followed by her guard.

Jasmine picked a very expesnive store. It's called Alexander McQueen. Kento must either love this woman or she was really good in bed. Either way the guard didn't understand.

Jasmine's phone ranged and she answered it. The guard paid close atention to who and what she was talking about.

"Hey baby. So have you heard anything about that loser Leo?" Jasmine asked while looking through some clothes.

The guard pretended not to pay attention to her conferstaion but he was listening very carefully to his voice and her's.

"Ha! The bitch is still in a coma. They're both hurtin'. Just as ya wanted babe." Kento said thorugh the phone. You can tell he's smug about what happed. The guard tighted his hand in a fist. His real boss would so pissed if he heard this.

"Perfect! I hope they both suffer. Raph desvers it for dumping me and chosing that thing over me! Hmmph! Glad I got you babe. You've made me very happy. Are you gonna send some guys in to get him or what?" Jasmine asked while she moved to look at some lingrea which made the guard cring in digust.

"Nah. He said seeing Ray get hurt is more pleasurable. So we're leaving it at that. Ray will get sloppy which will help out The Foot well." Kento said in a confident voice that made the guard mentaly laugh. They didn't know his boss at all.

"What! But Kento I want him to PAY! He desvers more then to see Leo in a coma! Raph DUMPED me! ME!! No one has EVER dumped me and I want him to suffer!!! I WANT LEO DEAD!!!!" Jasmine said in an angry whiny voice like a child who didn't get the toy they wanted.

The guard looked around and to his releif the story in empty exctped for the employees. The all saw Jasmine witht the Foot gang member and they streed clear of them.

"Will ya be quiet! We don't want the whole damn world to hear ya!" Kento yelled which made the guard smirk.

"Don't you yell at me!! You either do what I want or you're getting NOTHING pal!!" Jasmine said girpping her phone.

The guard heard his phone ring and he quickly answered it since the she-demon is busy.

"Yes." He asked waiting for his orders.

"It's time. Grab the girl and take her to the RayGunz hideout. Be sure to do it in a secure place. Do this right...Raph wants this done by the book." Donnie said in a firm voice. The guard smirked into the phone.

"You got it. It'll be done. I'll call back to let you know later." The guard said and then hung up the phone.

He turned to look at Jasmine to see her still aruging with Kento. He smirked behind his mask. He's happy that he can finally get this over with. He's tired of being this spoliled woman's guard.

"FINE!! We'll talk about it when I get home! You ungratful prick!! You never do anything I want!!" Jasmine yelled and she hung up her phone with an angry hmmph.

"Foot guard! We're going home! I need to get Kento to do what I want." Jasmine said fast walking out of the store which made everyome sigh in relief.

The guard just smiled as he follwed Jasmine through the crowded streets. Then it got less populated much to his relief. They were alone and half way to his car. They passed an alleyway and the guard made his move.

He covered her mouth with his hand and dragged her into the alleyway. While she was struggling he brought out a chorophil rag and put to her mouth making her go to sleep. He smirked.

"Ya never should of fucked with the RayGunz. I wonder what Raph has planned for ya. Guess will find out." The guard said with a smirk as he picked her up and put her over his right shoulder and walked to find his car.

He brought her to his car and sat her in the back. He then went toward his trunk to take out some rope and tied her up just in case she woke up.

After his task he got into the drivers seat and made the phone call.

"It's done. I got her in my car fixin' ta head back to the hideout. I also got to tell something to the boss about Leo's accident." He said waiting to hear what Donnie has to say.

"Good work. You found out something?" Donnie asked still in his comanding voice.

"Yes sir. I found out that it was Jasmine that got Kento to hurt Leo. A little bit ago she was talking to him about wanting Leo dead. From my view she was angry that the boss dumped her and she was trying to make'im suffer." He said in an upset voice.

He hates anyone that tries to hurt his boss or anyone close to the boss. He's loyal to Raphael alone and will make anyone pay that dares cross him.

"Grr..! We'll talk more when you get here. Bring Jasmine here and tell everything to Raph. Don't fail this..! Raph is pretty upset." Donnie said in a stren voice.

"I won't fail. That I swear. See ya in a bit." He said and hung up the phone and begn driving toward the RayGunz hideout.
TMNT Pain Ch.24
Here ya'll go! Thank ya'll for being patient with me. I'm off for three days from work so I'm gonna try to update on those days I'm off but I can't promise but I'll try my best. This is my Christmas gift to ya'll and I hope ya'll like it! :D

Merry Christmas!!:santa:

TMNT(c) Nick
Pain(c) DragonBallZFan101


~*~Peace Out~*~:icononioncleanplz:

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